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A warm welcome to the Tormain Centre, supporting you to heal within and develop your potential .  Gaining insight and experience to walk within the inner worlds can open your understanding of Self and Creation around you.  These teachings can be integrated across all faiths and are universal in knowledge.


One to One Healing Sessions

Having direction is a tender light when we feel lost in holding ourselves.  Heal in a space created for you.  With one to one healing sessions you are supported to have the healing you need the most.  Learn more about the therapies that speak to you.

Counselling                Energy Healing             Shamanic Healing

Healing School of Light

Welcome to the Healing School of light, foundation for transformation.  Gain direct experience of understanding yourself, your truth and your light.  Realise life’s abundant energies and empowering guiding principles on the following workshops, courses and ceremonies.  Be supported to find the right level for you and be inspired to dream of more.



Union of Soul and Spirit
Sept 2016-2017